Texas House & Senate discussions continue over appropriations for the $16 billion in American Rescue Plan Act funding flowing to the state. Funding is subject certain restriction, including requirements to spend dollars only on state entities or established state accounts.

The Senate Finance Committee held its first five hour hearing on SB 8 on October 4th. At the conclusion of the October 4th hearing, Finance Chair Jane Nelson stated she will ask the five budget article workgroups to consider recommendations with a focus on: 1) if expenses are one-time or ongoing, 2) do the expenses qualify for ARPA, 3) will the expense be in the federal infrastructure bill, and 4) where does the funding come from in the bill. Chair Nelson asked for recommendations to be compiled by October 7th when Finance intends to hear SB 8 again.

The House Appropriations Committee heard its version, HB 145, on October 6th.