The Hypoxia Task Force is releasing its 2017 Report to Congress on the actions the federal, state, and tribal members have taken toward the goal of reducing nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the Mississippi/Atchafalaya River Basin and shrinking the size of the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone.
The Report to Congress: 

  • Discusses the environmental, economic, and social impacts of Gulf of Mexico hypoxia and harmful algal blooms;
  • Provides information about the size of the hypoxic zone since 1985 and sources of nutrient loading in the MARB;
  • Describes the progress of state nutrient reduction strategy development and implementation;
  • Discusses federal agency programs that support state implementation of nutrient reduction strategies;
  • Evaluates and highlights lessons learned by presenting broader HTF successes and successful state projects; and
  • Focuses on recent HTF efforts to track the environmental results of state strategy implementation.

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