May 23rd was the last day for the house to consider 2nd reading senate bills and senate joint resolutions on the Daily or Supplemental Calendar. When the midnight deadline arrived, there were just over 20 senate bills left on the calendar.  Those bills not taken up may be considered dead, however; the language of a bill can still hitch a ride on another bill as an amendment. As deadlines loom, HillCo will continue to watch the progress of legislation and provide key updates as legislation moves.*
The House has a Local and Consent Calendar to consider later today- on May 24 as well as their Supplemental Calendar, which will consist of 47 senate bills on 3rd reading, and an Items Eligible calendar.

May 24th is the last day for the house to consider local and consent senate bills on 2nd and 3rd reading and all 3rd reading senate bills/JRs on the Supplemental Calendar.
May 24th is also the last day for the Senate to consider all bills/JRs on 2nd and 3rd reading.   
The House will reconvene on May 24 at 10 a.m.
The Senate will reconvene on May 24 at 11 a.m.
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*Bills on the Move Spotlight
HB 2, the supplemental appropriations bill was passed out of the Senate unanimously as substituted and will now move over to the House where they can either concur with the Senate version or request a conference committee to work on the differences.
SB 5, the voter ID bill that was listed as an emergency matter by the Governor on Sunday, was taken up in the House and given tentative approval on 5/23 with 7 adopted floor amendments (95-54). The bill is scheduled to be taken up in the House again later today for third reading and final approval before it moves over to the Senate. 

SB 2 (property tax) and SB 6 (bathroom bill) were both amended on the Senate floor onto HB 4180, which received a total 48 adopted floor amendments. The bill was given tentative approval in the Senate early this morning before they gaveled out. HB 4180 will be on the May 24 calendar to be considered on third reading.