HB 1825 (Turner) Relating to the consumption, possession, and sale of alcoholic beverages at certain performing arts facilities owned by certain school districts

  • Allows the board of trustees at Arlington ISD to adopt a policy allowing alcohol to be served […]
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HB 19 (Murr) Relating to the creation of a specialty trial court to hear certain cases.

  • Would create the business court as a statutory court under the TX Constitution
  • Concurrent jurisdiction includes derivative action on […]
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IT & Social Media

HB 4 (Capriglione) Relating to the regulation of the collection, use, processing, and treatment of consumers’ personal data by certain business entities; imposing a civil penalty 

  • HB 4 would add certain restrictions to the sale and processing of personal consumer […]
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HB 9/HJR 125 (Ashby) Relating to the development and funding of broadband and telecommunications services

  • Directs $1.5 billion of state funds to the Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund to be administered by the Comptroller 
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Local Government

HB 14 (Harris, Cody) Relating to third-party review of plats and property development plans, permits, and similar documents, and the inspection of an improvement related to such a document.

  • Allows developers to hire a 3rd party to review or inspect […]
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Bond Bills

HB 4082 (Goldman) Relating to the purposes for which a municipality or county may issue an anticipation note or certificate of obligation

  • Specifically defines “public work” for the purposes of local government certificates of obligation
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HB 53 (Thompson, Ed) Relating to the exemption from registration fees of certain vehicles used by nonprofit disaster relief organizations 

  • Expands emergency use registration exemption to include training, maintenance, transfer of emergency supplies, and other activities related to disaster relief
  • […]

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HB 3060 (Thompson, Ed) Relating to the regulation of recycling and recycled products

  • Defines “advanced recycling facility” and adds associated activities such as depolymerization and solvolysis to the exemption from regulation as solid waste facilities
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HB 1500 (Holland) Relating to the continuation and functions of the Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Office of Public Utility Counsel, and the functions of the independent organization certified for the ERCOT power region; increasing an administrative penalty. In addition to PUCT and […]

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HB 2847 (Darby) Relating to the jurisdiction of the Railroad Commission of Texas over and a study of the production, pipeline transportation, and storage of hydrogen

  • State policy frameworks relating to hydrogen are essential for regional applications for hydrogen hub […]
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