The runoffs last night resulted in 2 incumbents (one Democrat and one Republican) being defeated in the primaries.  


Additionally, in the Republican primary run-off for place 3 Supreme Court Justice, Debra Lehrmann won with 51.78% of the votes over Rick Green who had received 48.21% of the votes. For District 10 member of the State Board of Education (SBOE) in the Republican primary, Marsha Farney won with 62% of the votes over Brian Russell who received 37.99%.


Results of Incumbent Runoffs:


HD- 14

Republican state Rep. Fred Brown won with 62.93% of the vote (6,801) while rancher Gerald “Buddy” Winn received 37.06% of the vote (4,005).



Democratic state Rep. Norma Chavez lost with 47.50% of the vote (3,120) to El Paso attorney Naomi Gonzalez who received 52.49% of the vote (3,448) with 30 of the 37 precincts reporting.



Republican state Rep. Delwin Jones who received 7,133 votes or 42.37% of the vote lost to accountant Charles Perry who won with 57.62% of the votes (9,702).


Remaining Results for Texas House Member Runoffs:


The only Democratic primary runoff for the Texas House was for HD 76 already noted above. The remaining runoffs listed below were for the Republican primary.


HD -47

Paul Workman won with 53.73% of the votes over Holly Turner who received 46.26% of the votes.


HD -52

Larry Gonzales won with 71.27% of the votes. John Gordon received 28.72% of the votes.



Van Taylor won with 58.31% of the votes over Mabrie Jackson who received 41.68% of the votes.



John Frullo won with 53.19% of the votes over Mark Griffin who received 46.80% of the votes.



Dan Huberty won with 70.74% of the votes over Susan Curling who received 29.25% of the votes.



Jack O’Connor won with 51.62% of the votes over Dianne Williams who received 48.37% of the votes.