On September 1, 2023 the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) met to take up discussions as a full board. An archive of the hearing can be found here.

This report is intended to give you an overview and highlight the various topics taken up. It is not a verbatim transcript of the discussions but is based upon what was audible or understandable to the observer.

Public Comments

Jeff Bradley, Self from Walker County Texas

  • Hope they act in concert regardless of political affiliation
  • Texas for Conservative School Values are going to great lengths and expense to advance political ideologies, promoting incorrect assumptions such as SBOE is governed by political affiliation
  • Suggests reiterating mission to advance education for Great State of Texas and affirm they are not governed by political affiliation

Denise Lunskey, Self

  • Starts off with a prayer
  • Found phone number of registration page but found it difficult to navigate
  • Concerned with use of devices in the classroom for learning, believes it is used to data mine students public information
  • Ellis – will work to improve customer service for registrations

Consent item was approved as presented with the exception of item 1

Ratification of Amendments to Proclamation 2024 of the State Board of Education Advertising for Bids on Instructional Materials

  • Item approved 14-0

Discussion of Required Vocabulary and Literary Works Recommendations

  • Davis – wants to informally work with the agency as they are developing
    • Ellis – Yes
  • Hickman – does list come before board for approval?
    • Ellis – Bill only requires us to do this, nothing else after this
  • Item approved 13-1

Proposed New 19 TAC Chapter 127, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Career Development and Career and Technical Education, Subchapter B, High School, and Subchapter F, Business, Marketing, and Finance

  • Ellis – need to tie up if jobs going to will be in the field, gives overview of 2 courses Career Prep one and two process
  • Motion made and seconded
  • Hickman – was Career Prep 2 made in a program of study
    • Staff – it was withdrawn, do not recommend any adjustments at this time as it allows maximum flexibility
  • Maynard – who determines how the issues are related?, what if experience or employment is not available in that town
    • Staff – district does that, if not available they could just take a different course
  • Pickren – students in rural districts may not be able to participate in course of study because job not available
    • Staff – still allows for student to take prep 1, but can be a “both/and” in that scenario
    • Staff – thinks intention is maximum opportunity to study an area, level 4 course should be related
  • Pickren – asked Little’s intent on this, has anyone reached out to ask for this clarification
    • Little – thinks it adds clarification to district, students and teachers
    • Little – have not had any but this is first reading
  • Young – clarified process of first reading, public comment, etc.
  • Pickren – does this rule go out to parents for input as well?
    • Ellis – provided background history, this allows the rule to be published in the Texas Register for all to comment which is how all state agencies work
    • Ellis – input can be formal through Texas Register, but as members we can also go out and talk to community and then come back together with brain trust and adoption
  • Members continued to discuss process
  • Francis – clarified the number of credits, asked about level four requirement
    • Staff – under this scenario its still two credits
    • Staff – program of study always includes four courses
    • Conversation continues about levels of study
  • Brooks – thinks language is fair and it give flexibility
  • Question called and approved
  • Approved 14-0
  • Amendment process started for Part B
  • Francis – suggests amendment adding language “to be self-sufficient” as the reason to have a job
    • Discussion ensues
    • Hickman – calls the question, which was approved 8-7
  • Immediate vote on item G, amendment proposed by Francis
    • Motion fails 4-9
  • Main motion as amended voted approved 12-1

Proposed Amendment to 19 TAC Chapter 100, Charters, Subchapter A, Open-Enrollment Charter Schools, §100.1, Selection Process

  • Ellis – If receives 2/3 majority it goes into effect in next 20 days (simple majority it goes into effect next year, if motions fails then no action and current rule remains in place)
  • Von Byer – it may be you could bring it back next time if it fails
  • Staff – if the item is defeated it is no longer open to amendment, while pending it is open to amendment
  • Bell -Meterau – Charter black out period has been shrunk though this revision, would like to have record vote
    • Ellis – yes, this would increase individuals to be able to communicate in a portion of that time
    • Hickman and Hardy add clarifying comments
    • Ellis – this brings us into possible dialogue during capacity interview
  • Perez-Diaz – asked for current timeline
    • Hickman – reviews timeline, Mid-April’ish applicants can contact SBOE until vote in June
    • Maynard – clarifies no authority over Commissioner Rules
    • Ellis – notes current rules in conflict with Commissioner Rules but this will bring them in concert with the rules
  • Bell-Meterau = opens record process can be cumbersome, but inquires about way to keep record of comments
  • Roll call vote to approve 11-3 (No Bell-Meterau, Davis, Brooks)
    • Ellis- Effective date will be 20 days after publication in the Texas Register


Proposed Amendment to 19 TAC, Chapter 74, Curriculum Requirements, Subchapter C, Other Provisions, §74.27, Innovative Courses and Programs

  • Hickman – is there an Asian American study coming
    • Staff – yes, pilot started this year
  • Item approved 12-0
  • Chair of Committee notes they discussed HB 900, Dyslexia handbook training and background
  • Von Byer – Provides update on HB 900, got notice of injunction on HB 900 and they are waiting on the order they should get sometime next week and will update board when they get it
  • Von Byer – clarifies injunction is to stop implementation of legislation, but do not know to what extent until he gets the order
  • Hardy – who brough the complaint?
    • Staff – Book sellers and their associations
  • Young – even thought there is an injunction on HB 900 does it preclude districts from adopting own policies
    • Staff – injunction does not apply to districts since they were not a party, but need to see order
    • Von Byer – need to see what district what district was going to adopt, if it was a derivative of HB 900 then they may need to stop, if not then they could proceed
  • Western District Court, Austin Texas was the court
  • Staff – will provide list of names, pledging to the board
  • Pickren – does injunction stop enforcement or the work
  • Von Byer – need to get order from the judge to tell you that
  • Pickren – there are several ISDs who wrote policies, do those stay?
    • Von Byer – until he gets the order everything has an asterisk, told it will be available next week
    • Von Byer – list names of plaintiffs in case

Consent Agenda item severed on PSF

  • Ellis – ask him to explain the agenda item
  • Maynard – when distribution is made there are two constraints
  • Brooks – what is reason for transfer?
    • Staff – explains process, November was when they set distribution rate
  • Motion approved unanimously
  • Maynard – over $52 billion in assets, 9 member board and SBOE has a majority
  • Maynard – Two large things going on, looking for new chief executive officer and need CEO to be chief investment officer and only other true endowment is UTIMCO
  • Brooks – confirmed Harris does not want the position
    • Maynard – Agreed, during transition period Harris is helping with items that need to be address
    • Maynard – provides history on leasing space

Review of Proposed Revisions to 19 TAC Chapter 231, Requirements for Public School Personnel Assignments, Subchapter C, Grades 6–8 Assignments, and Subchapter E, Grades 9–12 Assignments

  • Motion is adopted unanimously

Closing Remarks

  • Ellis – staff communicated draft timeline for HB 1605, will be sending out to members and it is all encompassing
  • Ellis – SBOE member satisfaction survey, evaluation of staff so asks each member to fill out
  • Ellis – opens up for members to share accomplishments and events coming up
  • Meeting adjourned at 12:25