Rep. Alvarado Announces for SD 6

Representative Carol Alvarado (D-Houston) has announced her candidacy for the upcoming special election to fill Senate District 6, which was left vacant after sitting Senator Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) won election [...]

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Redrawing of HD 90

On Thursday, August 30, a three-judge federal court in San Antonio ruled that HD 90 must be redrawn to address “unconstitutional racial gerrymandering” but not until after the 2018 general [...]

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November 2018 Election Overview

Over 170 challengers and open seat candidates have taken first steps towards running for a Texas state or federal office in 2018. TxElects.com points out that the official filing period [...]

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Upcoming Key Election Dates

July 23-27, 2012 - In-person early voting for the primary runoff.  July 31, 2012 - Primary runoff.   October 22-November 2, 2012 – In-person early voting for general election.    November 6, 2012 – [...]

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