The Texas Water Development Board met June 3 and approved financial assistance totaling $705,000 for flood projects. Funding includes $250,000 to the City of La Villa for a flood planning study and $455,000 to the City of Port Arthur for a master drainage plan. The agenda and a video of the meeting can be found here.


This report is intended to give you an overview and highlight of the discussions on the various topics taken up. It is not a verbatim transcript of the discussions but is based upon what was audible or understandable to the observer and the desire to get details out as quickly as possible with few errors or omissions.


Board Agenda #01: Consider authorizing the Executive Administrator to (a) negotiate and execute contracts for the 2026 regional water plans in an amount not to exceed $2,844,856 including permission to allow the TWDB to reimburse planning group administrators for eligible direct costs incurred prior to grant contract execution beginning on February 1, 2021; and (b) transfer associated funds from the Water Assistance Fund to the Research and Planning Fund.

Sarah Backhouse, Executive Administrator’s Staff

  • Will support regional water planning groups, this will allow contracts to begin to be made plans for 2026
  • The fiscal year 2021 gives $2.8 million for development
  • Regions will require additional funds from the legislature next session
  • Anticipated board action to get needed funds
  • The amount allocated to public notification and involvement is limited and partial
  • Contracts will allow for limited reimbursement for laborers
    • No additional funds were received for this
    • Technical work will also be eligible for reimbursement
  • Contracts executed by August 31st of this year, end of these contracts is Jan. 2025
  • Item is approved

Board Agenda #02: Approve by resolution a request from the City of La Villa (Hidalgo County) for $250,000 in financial assistance consisting of $140,000 in financing and $110,000 in a grant from the Flood Infrastructure Fund for a flood planning study.

Claudia Corsetti, Executive Administrators Staff

  • Frequent flooding issue requires a new system to research and prevent flooding
  • Category 2 project
  • Item is approved

Board Agenda #03: Approve by resolution a request from the City of Port Arthur (Jefferson County) for $455,000 in grant from the Flood Infrastructure Fund for a master drainage plan project.

Jessica Taylor, Executive Administrator’s Staff

  • Port Arthur’s unique geography requires frequent revamping of its drainage system
  • The newly proposed plan will research and implement a new system to prevent future flooding
  • The project qualified for a grant totaling $450,000, or 35% of its $1.3 million costs, and the city plans to contribute $895,300, to cover the total
  • Item is approved

Board Agenda #04 (no document provided): Consider approving by resolution a request from Val Verde County to amend the Texas Water Development Board Resolution No. 20-101 to extend the expiration period of the existing Flood Infrastructure Fund commitment.

Kathy Hopkins, Executive Administrator’s Staff

  • Category 4 project approved with $500,000 commitment from Flood Infrastructure Fund
  • Creates a flood warning system for Val Verde County, and allows for message dispersal to citizens who could be at risk
  • $290,00 in grant, and $210,00 through tax commitment
  • County asks for a 3-month extension to close on commitment from TWDB to September 30, 2021
  • Item is approved

Board Agenda #05 (no document provided): Water Conditions Report

Dr. Mark Wentzel, on behalf of the Executive Administrator

  • October 2020 and on had below-average precipitation
  • April saw an uptick in rain, as well as May
  • May has 25% of the state in drought, down from 75% in April, for June, the state is down to 20%
  • 5% behind of last year’s average water storage supply in May
  • Aquifers doing well, expected to recover from a slight dip in April
  • La Nina is officially over, drought caused nationwide should lift by the end of August

Board Agenda #06: The Board will receive comments from the public on any matters within the jurisdiction of the TWDB, with the exception of matters which are subject to the ex parte prohibition found in Texas Government Code Section 2001.061

  • No public comment

 Meeting adjourned to Executive Session