The Texas 1836 Project Advisory Committee was established by HB 2497 (87R) to promote patriotic education and increase awareness of Texas values. Committee membership can be found below: 

  • Kevin Roberts, Ph.D. – Chair 
  • Sen. Brandon Creighton – Vice Chair
  • Former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
  • Carolina Castillo Crimm, Ph.D. 
  • Don Frazier, Ph.D.
  • Robert Edison
  • Sherry Sylvester
  • Mac Woodward
  • Dick Trabulsi

The committee met for their first meeting on January 5 to discuss the goals of the committee and for general administrative matters. The committee chair, Kevin Roberts, noted that it was his intent to hold one meeting every month. He stated that invited testimony will be the focus, but there will be specific committee/subcommittee meetings for the public to testify virtually. Sen. Brandon Creighton was appointed as the Vice Chair. Finally, the chair announced three subcommittees and their chairs:

  • Telling the Texas Story subcommittee will provide the report which will discuss the findings/work of the committee and the pamphlet the committee will create for DPS
    • Fraizer – Chair
  • Voices Across Texas subcommittee will focus on outreach and hopefully will hold hearings around the state
    • Sylvester – Chair
  • Scope of the Texas Story subcommittee will emphasize modern groups/businesses that are important to Texas and its economy
    • Sen. Creighton – Chair