On the opening day of the 88th legislature, Governor Greg Abbott made similar remarks in both the House and the Senate. Below is an overview of his remarks.

Governor Greg Abbott

  • Congratulates Speaker Phelan on his re-election as Speaker and Senator Hancock for his election as President Pro Tempore
  • Congratulates newly elected, and re-elected, members
  • Honored to have former Senator Jane Nelson here today as the new Secretary of State
  • Proud any time Texas is represented as the best, proud of TCU representing state in the national championship game
  • Texas and its policies are attracting many from other states, more people coming into the state and adding to the economy more than any other state
  • Have an extraordinary opportunity to advance the state more than any other session ever
  • Will have an almost $33b surplus
    • Due to the taxpayers and the leaders in this room have been good stewards
  • Not all states are in this position; notes California has a budget deficit of $20b and NY is asking federal government for money
    • Governor of NY concerned that so many people are fleeing the state
  • TX attracts and keeps people in the state, #1 in retaining those born & raised within the state
  • Greater coalescence between both chambers about issues & solutions; starting in perfect position to have a successful session