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TCEQ Approves El Paso Redesignation Proposal for Ozone NAAQS

On January 16, 2019, the commission approved proposal of the El Paso Redesignation Request and Maintenance Plan State Implementation Plan (SIP) Revision for the One-Hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The proposed SIP revision would include a request that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) redesignate the […]

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Texas Water Development Board – January 10, 2019

Agenda item 1: Discussion regarding outreach efforts and activities by the Board.

Each member briefed on their recent outreach activities.


Agenda item 2: Consider approving the Texas Water Development Board’s Investment Policy and Strategies.

Board Agenda 02 Document

April Weiss, Executive Administrator’s Office

  • There are no proposed changes to the investment strategy.

Motion to […]

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$119.1 billion available – Revenue Estimate Released Today

The day before the 86th Legislature convenes, Texas State Comptroller Glenn Hegar provided his estimate that Texas lawmakers will have $119.1 billion for general-purpose spending during the 2020-21 biennium. This is an increase from the 85th Session start of session, when lawmakers were given an estimate of $104.9 billion at […]


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