The 86th Legislative Session will have a few new faces when it begins on January 8, 2019. Bill pre-filing for the 86th Session begins in 5 days on November 12, 2018. See below for statistics on the 86th and a recap of early send out this morning the seats gained by parties below. Please note after our HillCo early morning Advisory was sent, we have added an additional seat change to our list – HD 132 Rep. Mike Schofield (R-Katy) lost to Gina Calanni by 49 votes with 99.9% of the precincts now reporting.

House and Senate Split

  • Senate – 19 Republicans and 12* Democrats (*A special election has yet to be called for Sen. Garcia’s (D- Houston) seat. Garcia won CD 29.)
  • House – 83 Republicans and 67 Democrats

Census Population

31 Senate districts in the state each represent an avg. of 811,147 Texans.

150 House districts in the state each represent an avg. of 167,637 Texans.

Based 2010 census population

New Faces in the 86th

The freshmen figures outlined below indicate these persons are new members to their respective chambers.

Senate (5 Freshman)

19 Republicans

3 Freshman

12* Democrats

2 Freshman

House (29 Freshman)

83 Republicans

10 Freshman

67 Democrats

17 Freshman

Freshman numbers do not include members returning to their chamber after being absent one or more terms.

Chair/Vice-Chair Positions

Through retirement or the election process, members will not be returning to the following chair and/or vice-chair positions on several House and Senate standing committees:

House Appropriations S/C Article III (Rep. Helen Giddings – Vice-Chair)
House Business & Industry (Rep. Rene Oliveira – Chair)
House Culture, Recreation & Tourism (Rep. Wayne Faircloth – Vice-Chair)
House Economic Competitiveness, Select (Rep. Byron Cook – Chair)
House Elections (Rep. Jodie Laubenberg – Chair)
House Government Transparency & Operation (Rep. Gary Elkins – Chair)
House Redistricting (Rep. Cindy Burkett – Chair)
House State Affairs (Rep. Byron Cook – Chair & Rep. Helen Giddings – Vice-Chair)
House Transportation (Rep. Larry Phillips – Chair)
Senate Administration (Sen. Konni Burton – Vice-Chair)
Senate Natural Resources (Sen. Craig Estes – Chair)
Senate Veteran Affairs & Border Security (Sen. Don Huffines – Vice-Chair)

Spotlight on Texas House Seat Changes by Party
With 99% of the precincts reporting, 12 seats are picked up by Democrats in the Texas House. Eight Republican incumbents lost to Democratic challengers and four open seat races for previously Republican districts were won by Democrats. Other House races were won by incumbents or by the party previously holding the seat for open races.

The following Republican incumbents lost to their Democratic challengers:

  • HD 47 Inc. Paul Workman (48%) v. Vikki Goodwin (52%)
  • HD 65 Inc. Ron Simmons (49%) v. Michelle Beckley (51%)
  • HD 102 Inc. Linda Koop (47%) v. Ana Maria-Ramos (53%)
  • HD 105 Inc. Rodney Anderson (45%) v. Terry Meza (55%)
  • HD 115 Inc. Matt Rinaldi (43%) v. Julie Johnson (57%)
  • HD 132 Inc. Mike Schofield (49.1%) v. Gina Calanni (49.2%)
  • HD 135 Inc. Gary Elkins (48%) v. Jon Rosenthal (51%)
  • HD 136 Inc. Tony Dale (47%) v. John Bucy (53%)

Democratic challengers picked up the following previously Republican open seats:

  • HD 45 Ken Strange (48%) v. Erin Zwiener (52%)
  • HD 52 Cynthia Flores (47%) v. James Talarico (53%)
  • HD 113 Jonathan Boos (46%) v. Rhetta Bowers (54%)
  • HD 114* Lisa Luby Ryan (44%) v. Josh Turner (56%)

Texas Senate Seat Changes by Party
Two Texas Senate Republican incumbents lost against their Democratic challengers. All other Texas Senate races were either won by incumbents or the party previously holding the seat if it was open.

The following Republican incumbents lost to their Democratic challengers:

  • SD 10 Inc. Konni Burton (48%) v. Beverly Powell (52%)
  • SD 16 Inc. Don Huffines (46%) v. Nathan Johnson (54%)