Texas Senator Kip Averitt has announced his resignation. Averitt released a statement saying he would resign his Senate seat March 17th in order for the Governor to call a special election on May 8th. It is speculated, that the winner of that election would most likely be the choice of the GOP county chairs to be placed on the November ballot.


Averitt first announced his intention to end his reelection bid back in January, as reported in the HillCo Client News Flash. However, Averitt stayed in the race and won his reelection bid. Yesterday, Averitt released his statement that he is now stepping down. Averitt is resigning for health reasons.


There is speculation that former Senator David Sibley might be interested in the seat. We reprint the statement from both Averitt and Sibley below. HillCo Partners will continue to monitor election news and keep you updated.



Statement from Sen. Averitt:


“Your vote of confidence last Tuesday, election day, was most gratifying. I am humbled by your support.


Now, the time has come for me to step down. I will resign my senate seat as of noon on March 17th. This will allow the Governor to call a special election on May the 8th. My immediate priority now is to see that the voters in central Texas get to pick their next senator.


Serving you, our friends, and our neighbors has been my highest honor and greatest privilege. I thank you for your continued support of my decision to step away from public office after 17 years of service. I will now work on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and spending time with my children.”


— State Sen. Kip Averitt



Statement from David Sibley:


“Kip Averitt has been an outstanding State Senator and he remains a friend. I understand his health concerns and support him in making the changes he needs over the coming months and years.”


“Many in the District have asked about my interest in the position and I am honored they would consider me. In my discussions with supporters and Republican county chairs I have heard a lot about the need for conservative, effective, common-sense government and look forward to continuing these conversations in the coming days.”