On Tuesday, April 6th the Senate unanimously passed the budget bill, SB 1, as substituted out of the Senate. In all, the budget approved by the Senate will spend $250.7 billion in state, federal and other funds, and slightly increases state revenue spending by 2.6 percent – well within constitutional spending limits, said Finance Committee Chair Jane Nelson.

The bill will now move over to the House where they will continue deliberations. The House Committee on Appropriations has posted they will take up CSSB 1 on Monday, April 12th.

House Appropriations will also meet this Thursday, April 8th to consider the following three bills:

  • HB 2 (Bonnen) Relating to making supplemental appropriations and reductions in appropriations and giving direction and adjustment authority regarding appropriations.
  • HB 2021 (Bonnen)¬† Relating to state budget execution authority for certain federal funds.
  • HB 2896 (Bonnen) Relating to the creation and re-creation of funds and accounts, the dedication and rededication of revenue and allocation of accrued interest on dedicated revenue, and the exemption of unappropriated money from use for general governmental purposes.


CSHB 1672 (Holland) relating to use of electric energy storage facilities in the ERCOT power region was unanimously passed out of House State Affairs on 3/25. The final committee substitute raised the 40-megawatt cap to 100 megawatts. On 4/7 the committee report was sent to Calendars.

HB 2586 (Thierry) relating to an annual audit of the independent organization certified for the ERCOT power region was unanimously passed out of House State Affairs on 3/25. The bill has been placed on the General State Calendar.


The House Committee on Public Education took up 38 bills on April 6th relating to multiple subjects including charters, fund balance, pre-k class size ratios, Technology Instructional Materials Allotment, support for vulnerable student populations, and more.

Health Care

SB 464 (Lucio) relating to reports on deaths from reportable and other communicable diseases to county health authorities and health departments was passed by the Senate with one amendment on 4/7 with 29 ayes and 1 nay. The bill as amended provides for death information to be simultaneously sent to local health departments and part-time health authorities. SB 464 will now move over to the House for further deliberation.