The Second Called Legislative Special Session reaches its 30-day limit on Sunday, September 6th. HillCo will continue to monitor the final days of the legislative session.

Floor Spotlight

SB 15 (Taylor) relating to virtual and off-campus electronic instruction at a public school was finally passed (119-7) on 8/30 with two amendments concerning evaluations under the bill and a prohibition against coercing full-time remote learning. The bill will now return to the Senate for conference or concurrence.

Committee Spotlight

During the House Committee on Public Education yesterday, HB 233 (Huberty) was voted out unanimously. HB 141 (Leach) and HB 164 (Dutton) relating to mask policies were left pending with Chair Dutton saying he would coordinate with Rep. Leach and bring back language.

Chair Dutton concluded the meeting noting, “the Senate has adopted certain principles and practices that I don’t think work well for this legislature.” He said he was told that if his committee didn’t pass the “CRT” and the “Transgender” bill, the Senate will not consider fixing the funding in Article X. He reminded the committee of the past saying if the “Senate doesn’t respect us they should expect us,”…. he left the bills pending.