The following is a compilation of the broadband related proposed rules in the March 11 through April 1 editions of the Texas Register. Click the links to the rules below for more information on how to submit public comment and meeting dates/times.



  • The Comptroller of Public Accounts adopts new sections relating to definitions, grant funds distribution methods, notice and applications, eligible applicants, authorized officials, federal funding, preferences, reimbursement awards, payment, requirements, reports, noncompliance, grant reduction or termination, records retention, request for records and audit, conflict with laws, rules, regulations or guidance, and references with changes to the proposed text as published in the December 31st issue of the Texas Register. The new sections of republished rules will be found in new Ch. 16 Broadband Development and will establish the broadband pole replacement fund and the Texas broadband pole replacement program.
  • Lumen and TCA recommend adding a petition process for broadband providers where Lumen also suggests adding a provision that would allow a broadband provider to petition the office to show service is being provided to areas where grants were requested, and pole replacement funds are used for unserved areas. Lumen makes additional recommendations to which the Comptroller only approved some language relating to requiring the office to publish a notice of funding availability (NOFA) and declined to alter other recommendations relating to underserved areas.