The following were filed with the Texas Register for publication in the August 11, 2023 issue.

Proposed Amendments to 19 TAC Chapter 150, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Educator Appraisal, Subchapter AA, Teacher Appraisal, §150.1002, Assessment of Teacher Performance, and §150.1004, Teacher Response and Appeals
Summary: The proposed amendments would allow districts to begin using the Alternate Domain I rubric as part of the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) beginning with the 2024-2025 school year.
Publication in the Texas Register: August 11, 2023
Public Comment Period: August 11, 2023-September 11, 2023. A form for submitting public comments is available on the proposed commissioner of education rules web page.
Proposed Effective Date: November 26, 2023

Please see the TEA website to view proposed commissioner of education rules.

Adopted New 19 TAC Chapter 100, Charters, Subchapter AA, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Open-Enrollment Charter Schools, Division 1, General Provisions, §100.1019, Application to Adult High School Charters
Summary: The adopted new rule implements Senate Bill 1615, 87th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2021, by providing requirements for the administration of the adult high school open-enrollment charter application process. The rule is adopted without changes since published as proposed.
Effective Date: August 15, 2023

Please see the TEA website to view adopted commissioner of education rules.

Commissioner of Education Rule Review

Adopted Review of 19 TAC Chapter 61, School Districts, Subchapter AA, Commissioner’s Rules on School Finance; Subchapter BB, Commissioner’s Rules on Reporting Requirements; Subchapter CC, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning School Facilities; Subchapter DD, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Missing Child Prevention and Identification Programs; Subchapter EE, Commissioner’s Rules on Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect, Including Trafficking of a Child; Subchapter FF, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Veterans and Military Dependents; Subchapter GG, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Counseling Public School Students; Subchapter HH, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Classroom Supply Reimbursement Program; Subchapter JJ, Commissioner’s Rules Concerning Automatic College Admission; Subchapter KK, Commissioner’s Rules on County Boards of Education
Summary: TEA finds that the reasons for adopting Subchapters AA, §§61.1000, 61.1001, 61.1002, 61.1004, and 61.1006-61.1020; BB-HH, JJ and KK, continue to exist and readopts the rules. TEA finds that the reasons for adopting Subchapter AA, §61.1003 and §61.1005, do not continue to exist. TEA received comments related to the review. No changes to Subchapters CC, DD, FF, GG, HH, or KK are necessary as a result of the review. TEA anticipates repealing §61.1003 and §61.1005 in Subchapter AA due to changes codified in House Bill 1525, 86th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2019; updating the title of §61.1021 in Subchapter BB; potentially updating language in Subchapter EE to align with statute; and updating Subchapter JJ related to notification of automatic college admission and curriculum requirements for financial aid.
Publication in the Texas Register: August 11, 2023

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