In recent weeks, concerns have been raised about the content of instructional materials and library books. At times, it’s been challenging to keep up with the many letters and statements that have been issued. Certainly, all would acknowledge that parents have the right to express their concerns about any instructional or library materials that are available to their children, and districts have policies and procedures in place for parents to express their concerns. As a resource, here’s a summary of the letters to date, starting with the most recent Governor’s letter:

Governor’s Letter Nov. 10, 2021

Governor’s Letter Nov. 8, 2021

Texas Association of School Boards Response

Governor’s Letter to Texas Association of School Boards Nov. 1, 2021

Matt Krause Letter Oct. 25, 2021

Several groups responded to Chairman Krause’s letter:

American Federation of Teachers, Texas response to Chairman Krause

Texas State Teachers’ Association Response to Chairman Krause

Texas Library Association Response to Chairman Krause

Also,  note that Texas Standards and Guidelines for School Library Programs were most recently revised and approved in 2018.