Cultivating a strong team of district leaders at the campus and administrative level is essential to sustaining strong student achievement and positive community relations. Educators today face unique challenges that often are not addressed in traditional university mid-management and administrator certification courses. HillCo Education Group is excited to offer a unique leadership training opportunity for your district. This training is designed for up to 15 central office, campus, or aspiring administrators and will be delivered on-site in your district, customized for your needs and challenges.

We understand that time is an administrator‚Äôs most precious resource. That‚Äôs why this high-level professional development requires little to no travel and/or preparation between sessions and delivers a tremendous opportunity for individual growth. Over nine months, nine sessions will be delivered in a ‚Äúthink tank‚ÄĚ model. Two recognized experts in Texas educational leadership will facilitate each session. Participants will learn from a wide variety of facilitators over the course of the program. With over 30 specific sessions to choose from, the district superintendent or the participating administrators can customize the professional learning to support their unique needs.

While there are many programs offered for Texas school administrators, these specific aspects set the HillCo Education Leadership Program apart from every other program in the state:

  • Sessions will be delivered on site in your district saving time and eliminating the need for travel.
  • The superintendent and/or participating administrators may choose the topics addressed.
  • TWO facilitators will lead every session from our statewide pool of recognized and respected presenters.
  • Nine total sessions will be delivered, one per month during the school year, to sustain long-term learning and adoption of the leadership practices.
  • Each session is 60-90 minutes in length and requires minimal preparation between sessions.
  • Up to 15 administrators may participate from your district.
  • For districts with fewer than 15 participants, partnerships with a neighboring district may be formed, so long as participants do not exceed a total of 15.

The expertise of our facilitators is unmatched. A sample of our team members is:

  • Dr. Russell Marshall, former superintendent and current CEO of Arrow Educational Services.
  • Dr. Doug Killian, Superintendent of Pflugerville ISD.
  • Dr. Shannon Holmes, former superintendent and current Executive Director of ATPE.
  • Dr. Jamey Harrison, former superintendent and current Deputy Executive Director of UIL.
  • Dr. Gonzalo Salazar, Superintendent of Los Fresnos ISD and current TASA President.
  • Dr. Eric Wright, superintendent of Hays CISD.
  • Dr. Terry Smith, former superintendent and retired Region 13 ESC Executive Director.
  • Dr. Bob Nicks, former Region 5 ESC Executive Director and retired superintendent of Midland ISD.
  • Dr. Casey Callahan, former superintendent and current Region 15 ESC Executive Director.
  • Dr. Ronnie Kincaid, former superintendent and retired ESC 14 Executive Director.
  • David Anderson, former Texas Education Agency managing director of curriculum and professional development and HillCo Partners Education Group managing partner.
  • Dee Carney, Assessment and Accountability expert, HillCo Partners Education Group.
  • Dr. Danny Lovett, former superintendent, retired Executive Director of ESC 5, and consultant with HillCo Partners Education Group.

The diversity and breadth of our sessions offers more choices than any other training, with over 30 titles, so participants may customize the training for their specific needs. A sample of our sessions includes:

  • Myers-Briggs (Online assessment with follow-up by a certified trainer).
  • Make your school a great place to work
  • Working with other administrators as a team
  • Community relations
  • Hiring staff/training interview committees/developing interview questions
  • Accountability–finding and utilizing data
  • Leading change in a positive way
  • Crisis management

See full session list at this link: Cultivating Leadership HillCo Education Leadership Program

This program offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to cultivate leaders in your district in a way that delivers the greatest impact with the least demands on time, travel, and preparation of any leadership program in Texas.

For more information, contact:

Danny Lovett, E.D.  Consultant, HillCo Education Group


mobile phone: (409)781-4722