HB 5 (Hunter) Relating to agreements authorizing a limitation on taxable value of certain property to provide for the creation of jobs and the generation of state and local tax revenue; authorizing fees; authorizing penalties

  • The bill would create an incentive program to provide temporary and limited incentives for certain eligible projects
  • The program would consist of reductions of taxable value for school district maintenance and operations ad valorem taxes
  • HB 5 passed out of both chambers and is heading to the Governor’s desk

SB 604 (King) Relating to land services performed by a landman

  • The bill amends Chapter 954 of the Occupations Code to define “land services,” “mineral” and “other energy source”
  • “Other energy source” is defined in the Occupations Code as a natural resource other than a mineral that is necessary to produce energy, including geothermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, solar, and wind energy
  • Amends sections of the Occupations Code and adds that landman includes individuals who, in the course and scope of their business engage in land services
  • The bill amends the Tax Code to exclude subcontracting payments made to individuals for landman services from total revenue for purposes of calculating the franchise tax
  • SB 604 has been signed by the Governor and is now effective 

HB 5089 (Meyer) Relating to the location at which certain sales are consummated for purposes of local sales and use taxes

  • Replaces the provision establishing that all taxable retail sales of a retailer with only one place of business in Texas are considered consummated at that place of business with a provision establishing instead that the sale of a taxable item by a small business is consummated at the business’s “principal business location,” which the bill defines as the business location where the business’s decision makers conduct the daily affairs of the organization
  • The bill defines “small business” and “affiliated group” 
  • This bill did not make it out of the House Chamber