Polls opened at 7 a.m. this morning and will be closing tonight at 7 p.m. (anyone in line at 7 p.m. can still cast their vote) for the November 6 Midterm Election. It is possible the statewide results will be solidified earlier in the evening while some local races may take longer before details can be reported. HillCo Partners will continue to monitor and provide you with the latest details as we continue our election covered.

Texas Legislature

The makeup of the 86th Legislature has already begun to take shape.

We know the membership of the Texas Senate will include at least two freshmen. 15 of the state Senate’s 31 seats are on this year’s ballot, including two open seat races. Of the remaining 13 incumbents seeking re-election, 11 have major-party challengers. After the special election for SD 19 earlier this year, the current make up of the Texas Senate is 21 Republicans and 10 Democrats.

House membership will include at least 24 freshmen; Eight incumbents were defeated in primaries, 13 incumbents are not seeking re-election, and 3 open seat candidates are running unopposed. House membership will also include at least 6* second-term members and 6* third-term members, based on incumbents without major-party challengers. The number of freshmen could increase based on the outcomes of the 80 races in which incumbents are facing major-party challengers. The current makeup of the House is 95 Republicans and 55 Democrats.

*Members who returned to the House after not serving for a session or more are not included in these numbers.

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