The Federal Highway Administration will provide $148 million to 11 states and Puerto Rico as part of a $400 million initiative to improve air quality and curb pollution around ports. Established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Reduction of Truck Emissions at Port Facilities Grant Program invests in port electrification and efficiency. These projects aim to reduce emissions from idling trucks at ports across the nation, modernize infrastructure and fortify supply chains.

This initial round of grant funding will support 16 projects designed to mitigate pollution in communities neighboring ports. These projects include replacing diesel-powered trucks with electric or alternative fuel-powered counterparts, building electric vehicle charging infrastructure, improving port roadway access and exploring technology upgrades to reduce truck emissions.

Among the 16 approved projects: Texas will receive $26.9 million to enhance the port of Houston. Plans include purchasing 30 zero-emission short-haul trucks and portable EV chargers for trucks. These solutions will help promote the accessibility and affordability of zero-emission technology for small trucking fleet owners and operators. Funds will also help install automated terminal operating systems to reduce truck idling times