The Governor’s Broadband Development Council has released their 2021 Report. Topics covered include broadband deployment across the state, the need for greater broadband speeds, and barriers and opportunities to deployment. The report also makes the following recommendations:

  1. Through the state broadband plan, Texas should plan for and invest in speeds greater than the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) minimum 25/3.
  2. Define what it means to be “underserved.”
  3. A study of broadband demand at community, regional, and statewide levels.
  4. Invest strategically in middle mile and last mile infrastructure.
  5. Fund digital literacy training programs.
  6. Fund cybersecurity awareness and internet safety awareness campaigns.
  7. Allocate a portion of the state’s ARPA allotment, Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund dollars, and upcoming federal broadband infrastructure/digital equity dollars toward meaningful broadband projects, which include PPPs, middle mile and last mile investments, digital literacy training programs, and cybersecurity awareness.
  8. A multi-sector statewide study on the costs associated with the lack of broadband.
  9. A study on the existence of any specific regulatory barriers general law cities may be facing when addressing the digital divide in their communities.
  10. Partner with local communities, community anchor institutions, and the private sector to promote digital inclusion initiatives that help to advance broadband access, adoption, and use in Texas.