Public attention has been focused on the ERCOT power grid since Winter Storm Uri, and lawmakers responded with significant changes to the electricity market structure and natural gas fuel delivery requirements. With the intense heat wave this week, concerns were raised again about reliability.

So far this week the ERCOT system has performed extremely well. Monday and Tuesday exhibited ample power supplies and low prices throughout the day with all-time high demand recorded. The grid has benefited from winds and clear skies that drive our huge wind turbine fleet and solar farms, respectively. Conditions would be much tighter without these renewable resources able to contribute to power supply.

Today should be another uneventful day despite record demand again – expecting 83,500 MWs at peak and over 25,000 MWs of wind+solar. The Texas “price heat map” appears chilly with prices this morning in the low $20s per MWh or less. The darker blue in the Panhandle was $5. Here are screenshots of ERCOT’s data from this morning:

To view the current state of electricity in ERCOT, you can visit the website where graphics and data are posted and simple to understand. Go to

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