For vendors seeking consideration for inclusion on the 2024-2025 HB 1416 Ratio Waiver List for providing accelerated instruction required by HB 1416 88(R), the submission deadline is Friday, April 19th. Vendors will be notified of approval status in May 2024.

House Bill 1416

HB 1416 updated requirements and provides that TEA shall approve automated, computerized, or other augmented method products for providing accelerated instruction. Approved products may be used to waive the required 4 to 1 student to tutor ratio. LEAs may still use any curricular tool they choose, but these tools are not eligible to waive the 4 to 1 ratio.

Vendor Requirements

Ratio Waiver List vendor requirements include technical support, data sharing, and compliance with state suitability laws and the approved SBOE suitability rubric. Non-compliance may result in removal from this list.

Evaluation Criteria

Products eligible for approval on this list do not require live in-person or online educators to deliver primary mode of instruction. Qualified products will be evaluated based on:

  • TEKS alignment per applicable subject/grade level for all learners
  • Formative and summative assessments and progress monitoring tools/reports
  • Recommended research-based usage metrics for the product
  • Rigorous research studies evaluating product efficacy
  • Evidence that indicates the product is more effective than individual or group instruction as required by statute
  • Evidence must reflect that high fidelity usage of the product yields higher student outcomes than students who did not use the product

Application Process

TEA will recommend products based the criteria above and final inclusion on the HB 1416 Ratio Waiver List is at the discretion of the Commissioner of Education. To obtain the application packet, vendors must email 

TEA Supports

  • April 4th at 11:00 AM – TEA will host a HB 1416 Ratio Waiver List Webinar¬†to guide interested vendors through the application, provide a high-level overview of the review process, and answer questions. Vendors may¬†register for the webinar.
  • April 11th at 1:00 PM – TEA will also host a HB 1416 Ratio Waiver List Office Hour dedicated to addressing any inquiries vendors may have regarding the application or submission process. Vendors¬†may join the office hour.

The above information was pulled from TEA’s HB 1416 Ratio Waiver Announcement Webpage.