The House Committee on Transportation has sent out the following release:



1. Review the organization and operation of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Consider the relationship between MPOs and TxDOT regarding transportation planning and programming.

1. Larry Phillips

2. Jim Dunnam

3. Ruth Jones McClendon

4. Yvonne Davis

5. Todd Smith

6. Linda Harper-Brown

7. Wayne Smith



2. Study the practices and procedures used in the development of toll roads and make recommendations as necessary.


1. Jim Dunnam

2. Ruth Jones McClendon

3. Yvonne Davis

4. Todd Smith

5. Bill Callegari



3. Review federal, state, and local programs to promote traffic light signalization, improve traffic flow, and reduce congestion.


1. Bill Callegari

2. Wayne Smith

3. Ryan Guillen

4.Yvonne Davis

5. Todd Smith



4. Study methods for improving safety on Texas roadways. Study the funding levels of crash prevention programs directed toward pedestrians, bicyclists,

motorcyclists, and other vulnerable road users. Explore ways to improve safety for roadside workers.


1. Linda Harper-Brown

2. Bill Callegari

3. Ryan Guillen

4. Larry Phillips

5. Tommy Merritt