The House Select Committee on Transportation Funding Subcommittee on Funding, under the direction of Chairman Darby, met on May 3rd. James Bass, Chief Financial Officer the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), discussed the federal and state funding of transportation and SAFETEA-LU. Bass clarified that instead of receiving the average of 85 cents on the dollar from the federal government for highways, Texas receives only 70 cents. Bass also pointed out federal rescissions have increased over recent years while Congress has removed the states’ flexibility with rescissions.


Polk County Judge John Thompson, representing the Texas Association of Counties and the County Judges and Commissioners’ Association of Texas, stated the 254 counties receive annually only $7.3 million for roads and $6 million in road materials from the state. Judge Thompson asked for more transportation funding to counties, “a seat at the table,” and local options.