HB 1 which is now being debated on the House floor has the following impact on education according to a recent Moak Casey publication:

HB 1 appropriates $164.5 billion in all fund sources ($83.9 billion in general fund sources) for state government operations for the 2012-13 biennium. The Texas Education Agency is funded at $45.3 billion in all fund sources ($29.3 billion in general fund sources). 

According to the LBB, the total funding level for the Foundation School Program is estimated to be $7.8 billion below the amount required to fund the existing school finance formulas.  Due to this, HB 1 assumes that legislation that enacts changes to the current law funding formulas will be passed.  HB 1 also assumes the passage of HB 275 (Rainy Day Fund) in order to appropriate $2 billion to the Foundation School Program.  In addition, HB 1 cuts approximately $1.3 billion in discretionary grants, and an additional $700 million for the technology allotment and English Language Arts instructional materials.

Discretionary grant programs and other programs that are not funded:

    * Instructional Materials, Proclamation 2011 ($430 million)

    * Technology allotment ($270.9 million)

    * New IFA ($52 million)

    * Pre-Kindergarten Grant Program ($223.3 million)

    * Student Success Initiative ($293.2 million)

    * D.A.T.E. program ($385.1 million)

    * Reading, Mathematics, and Science Initiatives ($16.1 million)

    * Early High School Scholarship Program ($43.2 million)

    * High School Completion and Success Initiative ($86 million)

    * LEP Student Success Initiative ($19.4 million)

    * Science lab grants ($35 million)

    * Middle school PE grants ($20 million)

    * Virtual school network ($20.3 million)

    * Steroid testing program ($2 million)

    * School bus seat belt program ($10 million)

    * Optional extended year program ($14.1 million)

    * Teen parenting ($19.7 million)

    * AP Incentive Program ($28.4 million)

    * Property value decline protections

    * ADA decline provisions ($22 million)

    * An additional round of IFA is not funded

Discretionary grant programs and other programs that are funded:

    * Communities in Schools ($10 million from GR, $9.7 million in federal TANF)

    * Teach for America ($3 million)

    * Amachi Texas ($2.5 million)

    * Texas Academic Innovation and Mentoring ($1.5 million)

Other program reductions include:

    * Texas Youth Commission (reduction of $1.2 million)

    * JJAEPs (reduction of $5.8 million)

    * Windham Schools (reduction of $12.8 million)

    * Regional Service Centers (reduction of $8.6 million)

    * Texas Education Agency Staff (reduces agency staff by 212.4 FTEs, or 20%)