SB 819 (Nelson/Phelan) Relating to state agency electronic information and processes was sent to the Governor on 5/25. The bill builds upon past successes of SB 532 from the 85th Legislature to improve the effectiveness of statewide (IT) by implementing recommendations from the DIR’s Biennial Performance Report.

SB 64 (Nelson/Phelan) Relating to cybersecurity for information resources was sent to the Governor on 5/25. The bill would revise various cybersecurity requirements for state agency information resources, including oversight of cybersecurity practices and the state’s electric grid. Two House floor amendments were adopted which would: 1) clarify utility definition by removing “a retail electric provider” from the definition of utility and 2) some language from HB 4214 which addresses coordination of cybersecurity coursework development, assisting Texas State Guard with cyber operations, establishes a cyberstar program, and each local government and state agency shall consider use of next generation technology including cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It also provides a liability exemption – a person who, in good faith, disclosed to a governmental entity information regarding a potential security issue would not be liable for any civil damages resulting from the disclosure unless the person stole, retained, or sold any data obtained as a result of the security issue.

HB 3834 (Capriglione/Paxton) which passed from both chambers would require certain state and local government employees and state contractors to complete a cybersecurity training program.

HB 4390 (Nelson/Capriglione) amends current law relating to the privacy of personal identifying information and the creation of the Texas Privacy Protection Advisory Council. The House moved to concur on 5/24.

HB 3875 (Capriglione/Zaffirini) Relating to cloud compatibility of certain state agency information technology purchases. The House concurred in Senate amendments on 5/24. The bill changes existing statute to require, rather than recommend, that new information system purchases under Section 2054.118 of the Government Code be capable of cloud computing implementation, minus certain exemptions.