The HillCo Client Advisory will continue to arrive in your email and provide summaries and spotlights on legislation and/or various issues. However, extensive information which includes bill details, live floor calendars, notes on certain hearings, handouts and an archive of the HillCo Client Advisory can also be found at the following sites:

Telicon Access

As valued HillCo Clients, you have access to the Telicon Database. To access Telicon please log on to; User ID – client; User Password – buzzer. On this site you can access bill details, live floor calendars, press releases, hearing handouts, etc. *Please note this is a shared database for all clients and access will be limited in a total number of users at one time.

HillCo Partners Website

HillCo Clients can also access archives of the HillCo Client Advisory, certain hearing reports, and handouts that may supplement or add further detail by visiting the HillCo Client Communication and Resource website: Clients can access the site from the “log in” link as well as quickly set up their access, if they have not already done so using the link: “register.”

Throughout the 88th Session, live proceedings of the House and Senate chambers including committee hearings may be viewed by visiting the House | Senate links.