SB 1978 (Hughes/Krause) Relating to the protection of membership in, affiliation with, and support provided to religious organizations. The bill prohibits governmental entities from taking “adverse actions” against corporations, companies, and other entities due to affiliation with, contributions to, or other support provided to religious organizations and was sent to the Governor on 5/25. Religious organizations are defined as organizations whose primary purpose and function are religious, religious schools, or religious charities, so long as the organization does not engage in activities that would disqualify it from tax exempt status under federal law.

SB 15 (Creighton) language from this bill had been broken down into several more narrow bills in policy focus: SB 2485 (Creighton) employment benefits died in House calendars; SB 2486 (Creighton) terms of employment relating to scheduling practice died in House calendars; SB 2487 (Creighton) employment leave policies died in House calendars; and SB 2488 (Creighton) employee’s criminal history record information died in House calendars.

HB 852 (Holland/Fallon) Relating to information a municipality may consider in determining the amount of certain building permit and inspection fees was signed by the Governor on 5/21 and is effective immediately.