Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has developed a website to provide information to all stakeholders, including private providers, who may be interested in the provision of mental health services in collaboration with Local Mental Health Authorities throughout the State of Texas.


This new collaborative approach to service provision is detailed in Title 25, Texas Administrative Code (25 TAC), Chapter 412, Subchapter P. This approach will allow for a standardized, transparent process for planning and developing a network of mental health service providers, emphasize a choice of providers, and allow for local control through stakeholder input while requiring the network to be managed by the LMHA.


Implementation Plans


The rule requires that each LMHA develop a two-year local plan for the development of an external provider network. When approved by DSHS, the LMHA’s plan will be posted on its website. To facilitate the planning process, the state has been divided into three (3) cohorts or geographically-related group of LMHAs, with each cohort starting the planning process according to a staggered timeframe.

The cohorts and starting dates are as follows:

ü  Cohort 1: Planning begins January 27, 2010. Plans due to DSHS July 27, 2010.

LMHAs in this cohort include ACCESS, Andrews Center, Burke Center, Gulf Coast Center, Heart of Texas, Lakes Regional, Brazos Valley, Harris County, Texoma, Community HealthCORE, Spindletop, Tri-County, and Texana.

ü  Cohort 2: Planning begins February 1, 2010. Plans due to DSHS July 31, 2010.

LMHAs in this cohort include Austin Travis County, Bluebonnet Trails, Border Region, Camino Real, Center for Health Care, Central Counties, Coastal Plains, Gulf Bend, Hill Country, Nueces County, and Tropical Texas.

ü  Cohort 3: Planning begins March 1, 2010. Plans due to DSHS August 31, 2010.

LMHAs in this cohort include Betty Hardwick, Center for Life Resources, Central Plains, Denton County, El Paso, Helen Farabee, Lubbock Regional, Tarrant County, Concho Valley, Pecan Valley, Permian Basin, Texas Panhandle, and West Texas.


Each LMHA has 180 days to complete their plan and submit it to DSHS for approval. During this time, there will be a number of opportunities for stakeholder input.

The website: http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/mhcommunity/LPND/