On January 6, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst issued the following statement in support of the Texas Department of Insurance's efforts to regulate Obamacare "navigators" in Texas.:
"In addition to the threat Obamacare poses to state and family budgets, the currently unregulated, unscreened cadre of navigators descending on Texas could pose a threat to our citizens' personal safety. I applaud TDI for their efforts to protect Texans' safety by requiring proper background checks and additional training for navigators on privacy issues and ethics. We cannot stand idly by as Washington further undermines our privacy, our budgets and our personal safety."
In addition, Lt. Governor Dewhurst submitted a letter detailing his concerns and expressing his support for TDI's efforts.
To view the HillCo client report on the Texas Department of Insurance Hearing, please visit: https://hillcopartners.com/advisory/tdi-stakeholder-meeting-proposed-navigator-rules-january-6-2014 .