At this point a few of the races can be called including the Republican Lt. Governor Primary for Dan Patrick. Below is a list of a few of the races that have been called so far in the Primary Runoffs. 

In the Democratic Primary Runoff with 33% of the precincts reporting: 

US Senate
David Alameel won with 71.8% of the votes over Kesha Rogers who captured 28.2% of the votes 

Ag Commissioner
Jim Hogan captured 55.3% of the votes over Kinky Friedman who garnered 44.7% of the votes 

In the Republican Primary Runoff with 34% of the precincts reporting: 

Lieutenant Governor
Dan Patrick has captured 64.6% of the votes winning the Republican seat over Inc. David Dewhurst who had 35.4% of the votes
Attorney General
Ken Paxton captured 63.4% of the votes over Dan Branch who saw 36.6% of the votes

Railroad Commission Place 2
Ryan Sitton wins with 58.5% of the votes over Wayne Christian with 41.5% of the votes

HD 66 *with 100% of the precincts reporting
Matt Shaheen (McKinney) captures 54% of the votes over Glenn Callison (Plano)
*TX Election Source

To watch the results as they come in:

We will continue to monitor the results as the night continues.