On August 16th, the Federal Highway Administration issued a Notice of Rescission of Federal-Aid Apportionments.  The portion of the rescission assigned to Texas is $190,367,982.  This federal rescission is in addition to the $1,938,561,426 that has previously been rescinded from Texas since January of 2005. 


In response to the rescission, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) convened a meeting of the Stakeholder Committee on Rescissions which is made up of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and TxDOT staff.  The committee developed a plan to respond to the rescission in the most efficient manner to protect the most valued programs. 


Below are the programs being rescinded and the corresponding amounts:


Interstate Maintenance (IM) – $27,033,581

Recreational Trails – $3,334,400

Surface Transportation Program (STP) – Enhancement – $150,000,000

State Planning and Research – $10,000,000


All the funds rescinded are from obligation authority that has not yet been assigned to specific projects.  Therefore, no contract authority will be taken and there is no immediate loss of actual funds affecting projects under construction or scheduled to start in the next few months.