The Texas Comptroller’s office recently released¬†A Field Guide to the Taxes of Texas which is a report that provides an overview of Texas’ major state taxes. Every year, the state collects billions of dollars in state taxes and fees, federal receipts, and other sources of revenue which are used to pay for all the responsibilities of the state government. The guide overviews:

  • how major taxes have contributed to the state revenue during the past 10 years;
  • revenue collections, estimates, and allocation; and
  • other resources about state taxes and finances.

The report contains one-page overviews of the following state taxes and operations:

  • Sales and use taxes
  • Motor vehicle sales and rental taxes
  • Motor fuel taxes
  • Franchise tax
  • Oil production tax
  • Natural gas production tax
  • Additional state taxes
  • Local property taxes
  • Local sales taxes
  • Budgeting and appropriations

Additional reports that highlight state spending and revenue can be found here.