Today was the first day lawmakers could file bills for the 87th Texas Legislative Session. In the first day of prefiling, a record-breaking total of XX bills and resolutions were filed as of 5:00pm. Of note, HB 1-20, HB 150, HJR 1-5, SB 1-31 and SJR 1-10 have been reserved. It is customary for lower numbered bills to be reserved for leadership priority legislation.

465 bills and resolutions were filed on the first day of prefiling for the 86th Session compared to 525 bills and resolutions on the first day of the 85th, but the 86th Session saw more bills filed overall.

Click on this link for more facts and statistics on bills being filed before the convening of the legislative session.

The 87th Texas legislative session starts Jan. 12, 2020. For other key dates in the 87th Legislative Session visit the Legislative Reference Library.