At their November meeting, the SBOE will consider instructional materials for adoption under Proclamation 2024, including K-12 science, technology applications, CTE and Personal Financial Literacy and Economics. The Commissioner will submit a report on the Proclamation 2024 submissions on Tuesday, November 14, and the Board will have the opportunity to approve the materials for the 2024 List of Instructional Materials Eligible for Adoption. On Friday November 17, the SBOE will consider final adoption of the Proclamation 2024 materials. More information may be found at this link.

Proclamation 2024 is the last adoption that will proceed under current rules. Instructional resources adopted under Proclamation 2024 will not be eligible for the additional $40/student allotment in HB 1605. However districts may continue to purchase Proclamation 2024 materials and other, non-state adopted supplemental materials with their Instructional Materials and Technology Allotment as they have in the past.