After over 6 hours on the floor, the Senate has passed the following bills for the 88th Fourth Called Special Session. These bills will now move over to the House for further consideration.

  • SB 1 (Creighton) Relating to the establishment of an education savings account program.
  • SB 2 (Creighton) Relating to a local optional teacher designation system implemented by a school district, the basic allotment and guaranteed yield under the public school finance system, and certain allotments under the Foundation School Program; making an appropriation.
  • SB 3 (Huffman) Relating to an appropriation to provide funding for the construction, operation, and maintenance of border barrier infrastructure and border security operations. Identical companion to HB 3 (Jetton), which is scheduled for formal meeting in the House on 11/10
  • SB 4 (Perry) Relating to prohibitions on the illegal entry into or illegal presence in this state by a person who is an alien, the enforcement of those prohibitions and certain related orders. Amended on Senate floor, companion to HB 4 (Spiller); HB 4 was voted out of House State Affairs earlier today.