The State Board of Education voted at their August meeting to delay a full revision of the Social Studies TEKS until 2025, and instead focus only on revisions needed to address the requirements of Senate Bill 3 passed during the special called session of the 87th Legislature. The Board is considering these proposed changes during a meeting this week, on September 26 and 27. Proposed revisions made in this meeting will be published in the Texas Register on Oct. 7. The SBOE will hear testimony and vote again on the proposed revisions at its last regular meeting for the year on November 15—18.

In comments made to the Texas School Alliance, SBOE Chair Dr. Keven Ellis stressed that the drafts developed by the workgroups over the last year will be preserved and will be a starting point when the social studies TEKS revision is taken up again in 2025. He added that the K-2 and 9-12 TEKS were in good shape, and the concern was mostly for the 3—8 TEKS. The delay will give the SBOE members more time for further research and study on the grades 3—8 TEKS. Dr. Ellis expected that the Math TEKS would remain on the revision schedule for 2023, and the SBOE will discuss the impact on the adoption schedule at a future meeting.

See the agenda for this week’s meeting here and watch the livestream here.