Texas Secretary of State John Scott encouraged interested Texans to get involved with the election process at the local level by learning how to become a poll worker for the upcoming November 8 General Election. The Texas Secretary of State’s Online Poll Worker Training program¬†offers Texas voters the opportunity to serve as an Election Judge or Clerk in their county of registration. Additionally, Texas students who are at least 16 years of age can volunteer to serve as¬†Student Election Clerks.

To serve as an Election Clerk, a person must be a U.S. citizen, a qualified voter within the county, and must be appointed by the Presiding Judge in an election precinct. Interested Texas voters should¬†contact the chairs of their county’s political parties or their county election office¬†to volunteer to serve at the polls.

The courses for the Online Poll Worker Training program are divided into modules consisting of 3-6 lessons each, as well as 10 case studies where the material and lessons are applied to real-world scenarios. During the course, users can start, stop and return to the point where they left off, and skip from lesson to lesson until fully completed. At the end of each course, users must answer exam questions to verify they understand the material. Upon completing the course, prospective poll workers will be able to print a certificate indicating that they have completed the Secretary of State’s training.