The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has posted the following recent IMRA updates:

  • The Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) publisher interest form is now available. Publishers interested in receiving information about the upcoming IMRA review for full-subject, tier-one instructional materials for K–5 English and Spanish language arts and reading and K–12 mathematics and partial-subject, tier-one instructional materials for K–3 English and Spanish phonics are encouraged to complete the form
  • TEA presented the draft K–3 and 4–8 English language arts and reading, K–3 and 4–6 Spanish language arts and reading, and K–12 mathematics IMRA rubrics and the memo of changes to the SBOE for approval at the January 30, 2024, meeting.
  • TEA is now accepting applications for the upcoming IMRA review. Anyone with relevant content expertise for K–5 English and Spanish language arts and reading, K–3 English and Spanish phonics, or K–12 mathematics is encouraged to apply.
  • The State Board of Education adopted new materials for science, technology applications, career and technical education, and Personal Financial Literacy and Economics at the November 2023 meeting. View the Proclamation 2024 List of Instructional Materials Adopted by the SBOE for more information.