On December 21, 2018, the TCEQ published a Notice of Intention to Review 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 17, Tax Relief for Property Used for Environmental Protection in the Texas Register. This proposal is limited to the review in accordance with the requirements of Texas Government Code, §2001.039, which requires a state agency to review and consider its rules for readoption, readoption with amendments, or repeal every four years. During this review, the commission will assess whether the reasons for initially adopting the rules in Chapter 17 continue to exist.

The commission invites public comment on this preliminary review of the rules in Chapter 17. Comments regarding suggested changes to the rules in Chapter 17 may be submitted but will not be considered for rule amendments as part of this review. Any such comments may be considered in a future rulemaking action by the commission. More information on how to submit comments is available on the Tax Relief: Hot Topics webpage.