The TCEQ will conduct stakeholder meetings across the state in January to solicit informal comments on rulemaking for rules regarding Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection in Landscape Irrigation. This rulemaking is the result of petitions approved at the Oct. 4, 2017, Commissioner’s Agenda Meeting which seek to amend acceptable methods for backflow prevention in rule, including

  • Eliminating authorization of double check valves,
  • Adding spill resistant vacuum breakers as an allowable alternative,
  • Including requirements for the use of in-line filters or strainers, and
  • Changing terminology from backflow prevention “devices” to “assemblies” to align with 30 TAC 290, Public Drinking Water.

Additionally, the petitions seek to align current TCEQ rules with existing national and international standards concerning the health hazard classification of irrigation systems, the backflow assemblies acceptable for use in protection against an irrigation system, and the terminology used to refer to a backflow prevention assembly.