The Texas Education Agency released 2022 A–F accountability ratings for districts and campuses, the first to be issued since 2019 due to two years of COVID-related pauses. 1,195 districts and 8,451 campuses were rated this year. 2022 saw 25% of districts and 33% of campuses improve their letter grade from 2019. 18% of high-poverty campuses in Texas were rated an A. The A-F accountability system was established by HB 22 during the 85(R) and this year, to align with SB 1365, districts and campuses received an A, B or C rating or were assigned a label of “Not Rated” both overall and in each domain. The “Not Rated” label was applied when the domain or overall scaled score for a district or campus was less than 70; 42 districts and 564 campuses received this label.

To view the 2022 accountability ratings for districts and campuses, visit Users can search for schools using an address and even compare schools across selected data points.