In October 2020, the Texas Education Agency conducted an intermediary data collection to better understand enrollment trends in Texas public schools year-over-year. While overall 3% fewer students are enrolled in public education in Texas, more than half of that reduction (54%) is represented by early education, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten, which are optional enrollment grades. Enrollment in grades for which school attendance is mandatory (grades 1-12) reduced by 1%. Early education and pre-kindergarten (3- and 4-year-old students) enrollment each reduced by 22%.

As of October 2020, the majority of Texas public school students (54 percent) were learning on-campus. TEA will continue to publish updates on enrollment trends throughout the year, including an update in late February based on data submitted as of January 29 (which will include analysis by demographic group) and in late April based on data submitted as of March 31.

For more information on grade-level enrollment trends, please visit TEA’s ‘Summary of Texas Public Schools Student Enrollment Trends: October 2020’.