Listed below are TEA updates released this July. They vary from rulemaking updates, CTE news, performance reporting, and curriculum newsletters.

Rulemaking Update

On July 14, TEA released an update on new Commissioner of Education rules. The adopted amendment is regarding students registering in a new district during the summer as well as students who transfer school districts during the school year. The amendment also clarifies the federal requirement which allows parents who do not speak English to have the ability to fully participate in the proceedings of admission, review, and dismissal committee. This became effective July 18, 2023. Access to the full report from the Rulemaking Division can be found here.

CTE News

On July 19, TEA released news regarding CTE. Based on federal legislation requiring states that receive federal funds for CTE to align with programs of study for professional occupations, the CTE advisory committee created the Programs of Study Refresh. This program is planned to be implemented during the 2024-2025 school year. The TEA is soliciting public comment through August 14 which can be found here. To find the survey to provide feedback that can be found here.

The SBOE also approved for second reading and final adoption of new Occupational Safety and Health TEKS. Courses beginning in the 2023-2024 school year are Construction Technology 1, Electrical Technology 1, Plumbing Technology 1, HVAC Technology 1, Masonry Technology 1, Agriculture Mechanics and Metal Technology, Welding 1, Metal Fabrication and Machining 1, Oil and Gas Production, and Introduction to Culinary Arts. The SBOE will provide new safety and health TEKS into these courses as each one comes up for review and revision. The SBOE did not approve the final adoption of the standalone course.

The CCMR has also been released in TEAL. To gain access follow here. Access to the full report of CTE news can be found here.

Performance Reporting

On July 14, TEA released updates on Performance Reporting. For 2023 Raw STAAR scores and Scale Scores Associated with the Calculation of Academic Growth, that information can be found here. The Campus Comparison Groups are available in TEAL and can be found here. The CCMR Tracker Release for Stage 2A is also in TEAL and available here. The Minimum System Requirements for 2023-2024 are now available in the Technology Resources Section of the District and Campus Coordinator Resources and can be found here. The CCRM Verifier Final Listing will be released soon in July.

The Annual System Rollover will be offline from August 18-August 28 and the Learning Management System will be offline July 15-July 23. The Preliminary 2022-2023 Performance Reporting Calendar can be viewed report here.

Curriculum Newsletters

The Social Studies Newsletter contains information related to Stakeholder Engagement, Revision and Implementation, and Revision and Instructional Materials. The social studies team is piloting an initiative to engage stakeholders across the state. This includes monthly virtual meetings with each month focusing on a specific topic. For Revision and Implementation, the SBOE adopted TEKS revisions to align with legislative requirements. In the 2024-25 school year, Economics with an Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and its Benefits, United States History Studies Since 1877, World History Studies, World Geography Studies, and the United States Government. The SBOE voted to amend their instructional materials adoption cycle to remove Proclamation 2025, which would require new social studies material. The SBOE did not indicate when to call for new social studies materials. The social studies publisher contract expired at the end of the 2022-23 school year but have an opportunity for renewal.

In the English Language Arts Update, this newsletter pertains to the 2023-27 Commissioners List of Approved Grade 7 Reading Instruments. Each school district and open-enrollment charter school is required to administer at the beginning of Grade 7, a reading instrument to each student whose performance on the Grade 6 STAAR reading assessment did not demonstrate reading proficiency. The three domains of development are Text Comprehension, Word Analysis, and Fluency. The list of the approved Grade 7 reading instruments are i-Ready Assessment for Reading, Istation’s Indicators of Progress, LION for Reading, Map Suite, MindPlay Literacy, STAR Reading, and Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment (free of charge).