On March 9th a telemedicine stakeholder meeting was held to discuss and recommend proposed changes to 22 TAC 174 regarding Telemedicine. During this meeting, the framework of the two models proposed for the telemedicine rule was presented.  In the first model, a patient will appear at an established medical site where there is a qualified patient site presenter.  The second model allows a patient to be treated via telemedicine from their home.  This will be available for a physician to treat a patient for a previously diagnosed condition.  There must be an initial visit to establish a diagnosis and relationship, as well as a required annual visit, both of which must be conducted in person in a face to face meeting with the physician.


Version 6 of the proposed changes to Chapter 174 was reviewed during the stakeholder meeting. It was noted the rule will be sent out to stakeholders again within the week and include any changes made as a result of today’s hearing. It is expected that the latest version of the draft rules and comments received will go before the Texas Medical Board (TMB) during their board meeting in April. Once the rules have been approved by the board, they will then be submitted for publication. 


A copy of the draft rules can be found by visiting: http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/rules/rules/bdrules_toc.php and clicking on the link for “Proposed Telemedicine Rules.”