Comptroller: State Sales Tax Revenue Totaled Nearly $4b in July

Comptroller Glenn Hegar said state sales tax revenue totaled $3.99 billion in July, 2.7% more than in July 2022. The majority of July sales tax revenue is based on sales made in June and remitted to the agency in July. “The rate of sales tax revenue moderated last month, consistent with a slowing pace of economic growth and declining price inflation,” Hegar said.

Texas collected the following revenue from other major taxes:

  • motor vehicle sales and rental taxes — $625 million, up 3 percent from July 2022;
  • motor fuel taxes — $330 million, up 2 percent from July 2022;
  • oil production tax — $437 million, down 37 percent from July 2022;
  • natural gas production tax — $65 million, down 88 percent from July 2022;
  • hotel occupancy tax — $71 million, down 3 percent from July 2022; and
  • alcoholic beverage taxes — $149 million, up less than 1 percent from July 2022.

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