• Unemployment Rate* – 4.1%
  • Total Non-Farm Employment* – 13,979,100
  • Jobs Change Over the Year – 402,000
  • Annual Growth Rate – 3.0%
Comptroller Glenn Hegar said state sales tax revenue totaled $3.79 billion in September, 2.8% more than in September 2022. The majority of September sales tax revenue is based on sales made in August and remitted to the agency in September. “Modest growth in sales tax revenue compared with last year may reflect a slowing pace of economic growth, as well as cooling inflation,” Hegar said. “Remittances from the oil and gas mining sector led all major sectors in growth, as has been the case nearly every month since the economy began to emerge from the pandemic. Other sectors driven by business spending were mixed, with receipts from the construction sector up moderately while remittances from manufacturing and wholesale trade fell slightly.”